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Tibber goes to UK

Recently, we decided to shift our electricity provider. There is nothing sensational about this, but the new provider has a business model that decerves mentioning.

Competing on price is a thing we take for granted. Being a provider in this market, you need to have competitive prices. And here the creativity stops at most provider. If you allready have a cheap provider, there is little to gain economically, so there are other reasons to shift provider.

We switched to a small provider from Norway, and their concept goes like this.

Buy electricity where it is cheapest

You pay a fixed amount of 3,99 € per month, which is common among most providers. Then Tibber works like a platform or broker for you, shopping electricity where it is cheapest, hour for hour, without any additional fees. You see the price in the Tibber app, and it varies from hour to hour. All this happens automatically.

Tibber hovedside

You also see who is producing your electricity right now.

Tibber leverandør

You get your invoice from Tibber, so you don’t need to deal with different providers.

Consume electricity when it is cheapest

A nice feature in Tibber is that they know the price of electricity 12 to 48 hours in advance. This makes it predictable for when it is cheap to consume electricity. Charging your electric vehicle? Wait a bit, perhaps until tonight, and you get a lower price.

Tibber forbruk

Tibber forbruk

Do you consume more electricity than others? In the Tibber app you get an indicator telling you if you consume more or less power than comparable households.

Tibber sammenlikning

Tibber sammenlikning

Get help to move your consumption

Now we get to the part where it gets really interesting. Moving your consumption. Moving consumption from the hours of the day where electricity is expensive to the hours where it is cheap is not easy. You can’t shower at 3 AM in the night, just because it is cheap. Other things, on the other hand, like charging your electric vehicle is easy movable, and Tibber does the job for you.

Using what Tibber calls «Power-ups», you automate distribution of the consumption for you. A lot of smart house components and electric vehicles is supported by Tibber Power-ups, such as Futurehome, Home Assistant, Homey, Mill, SmartThings, Tesla, Audi, VW, BMW, Volvo and a lot more.

In the following example, you connect your electric vehicle directly to Tibber. You then tell Tibber when you need it to be fully charged, and Tibber tells the car when it should charge. This feature is available for a long list of car makers and home charging solutions.

Tibber Audi

Tibber Easee

Tibber also has a store where you can shop smart house components that integrates nicely with Tibber, such as smart house controllers, heating, electric vehicle charging and lighting.

Get started

If you would like to try Tibber, register using this link, and we both get 50 € to shop for at the Tibber Store.

Som leser kan du gi et bidrag til produksjonen, til driften og til å skaffe utstyr til testing for å sikre regelmessige, uavhengige artikler, tester og vurderinger av høy kvalitet.

Gi et bidrag

Husk å abonnere på nyhetsbrevet, det er gratis og du får alle artikler rett i innboksen.


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