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Embraced by Amazon


A couple of days has passed, since I wrote about my friend Linn, who was outlawed by Amazon. Fortunately, things have changed. Unfortunately, not all for the better.

Lets start with the most important at the moment: Linn now has access to her account, and has downloaded all her books. This would never happen if it had not been for each and every one of you putting pressure on Amazon by spreading her story. For that, she is very grateful. Now it just remains to see if she would like to stay as a customer.

If you would like in-depth details, I recommend the interview Linn gave to NBC.

At the same time, a story is unfolded behind the scenes, and it’s not at all nice. I’ve been forwarded a lot of e-mails and chat logs, apparently from dialogues with Amazon. They all reveal a sad story about a large corporation not being willing to admit that it made a mistake. I’m fine with that. Question is: are the customers of the large corporation fine with that in the long run?

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